Salon Social Spirit Tasting - Brass Lion Gin with Founder Jamie Koh!


Singaporeans love their spirits, and yet she could not find a spirit that was born and bred right here on our island nation. So Jamie Koh at Brass Lion embarked on a 6-year journey across the world, to create a spirit that can truly encapsulate the heart of Singapore.

Join Jamie Koh at The Proof Flat to share about her journey to create and refine this new local Gin in Singapore - Brass Lion. She will host an enticing spirit tasting session taking you through the process, the botanicals and some new expressions soon to be released. Come taste the first Singaporean Gin that is now available at EC Proof.

A perfect way to kick off date night or an evening out with friends to expand your knowledge and palate. Enjoy a welcome drink, then embrace the rich world of spirits and learn to make a cocktail to impress your friends at home.

Make a night of it and let us help you make dinner reservations at 28 Hongkong Street or any of our neighbouring restaurants; Amo for casual Italian, FOC for Catalan cuisine, or Baccanalia Kitchen for contemporary French.

**$20 of your ticket can be applied towards a base spirit purchase at the event**

Fri Feb 15, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM SGT
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EC Proof Flat
Salon Social Spirit Tasting - Brass Lion Gin SOLD OUT $50.00
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43A Hongkong Street Singapore
EC Proof Flat